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I built a fence to block our rabbit from the flower bed, where she’s been tunnelling into our neighbours’ garden.

I spent about £20 in wood… I could have done it for nothing but I didn’t have enough pallets on tap to complete this project quickly enough.

Hutch Extension

2013-08-12 18.51.38


I decided to build an extension to the rabbit hutch at the weekend, she’s getting quite big and when she’s in at night she doesn’t have enough space.

I had a load of 2×4″ I reclaimed from a stud wall I removed from my office but the quality of it is pretty damn poor so this was pretty much the best I could do.

I’ve used lap joints for the corners, glued and screwed turned out pretty strong, especially with the original hutch sat on top.

The back end has been covered (somewhat hurriedly) in roofing felt I had lying around in the garage, it’s flat so I’m not too sure water will drain off, I wouldn’t be too concerned but the wood underneath is 6mm MDF… of which would sag at the first sign of moisture.

2013-08-12 18.51.38

2013-08-12 18.52.03

2013-08-12 18.52.14

2013-08-12 18.52.22

2013-08-12 18.52.39

2013-08-12 18.52.52

Table Saw Stand

2013-06-29 13.55.39


I bought a second hand 10″ table saw in an effort to improve the quality of my woodwork. The problem is I have to do woodworking in my back garden as my garage doesn’t have power. With this in mind up until now I’ve had to work off of the garden table, of which hurts my back.

So I decided to build a little stand for the table saw of which would raise it up properly, has wheels to move it around (although they’re not the best) and a shelf to store other stuff… in this instance my mitre saw.

Made mainly out of some random 2×4 I had laying around, the cross beams set into the uprights using a rabbet joint, glued and screwed to make it solid.