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How not to do app updating…


I appreciate being told a new version of an app is available, also being able to click a single confirmation button and have that new version installed is great… but telling me to go and get the new .dmg every time an update is released is pretty crap, shame really… I rather like VirtualBox.

Our Grand Parents

I wanted to share two little stories about my Grandad, who served in WW2 and survived to tell us… well precious little about the things he saw. Understandable really, but here goes.

First little story, my Grandad (who was an engineer) drove a supply route every day (back and forth) for a month. One day his little shortcut through a field was closed off by 'the yanks', as he put it. They had closed the field as it was littered with mines, lord only knows how he didn't and up 30 foot in the air, but that's irrelevent now. 

Second little story predates the first, my Grandad used to take an apple with him to school, everyday, without fail. And without fail, the teacher would confiscate it and eat it in front of him. Needless to say this didn't go down to well, so my Grandad hollowed out an apple, filled it with the best horse s**t he could find and placed the two parts back together again… shinning it up and proceeding with his normal school routine.

He got a good hiding after the teacher sunk his teeth into his 'golden delocious', I'd give anything to see the look on his face at the time though :D.

That second story was told at my Grandad's funeral, every single person in the church laughed that day, and rightly so… whilst today is about remembering those who served for our freedom, it's great to look back at the memories that I cannot help but laugh at.

Bike USB Charging

So I’ve got a 12v socket on my bike that usually powers my GPS, it’s a similar idea to a cigarette lighter socket, but about half the size. WIth this in mind I’ve fitted the smaller socket to my GPS but cannot power other items, such as my DSLR charger or iPhone charger.

To solve this problem I puchased a cheap twin cigarette socket adapter with twin USB connections, importantly kicking out enough power to properly charge my iPhone. 



I’m going to place the modified unit inside a handle bar bag that I’ve got kicking around, because I’m going to be ripping off the existing cigarette lighter plug I need to add an inline fuse, 6 amps should cover this device off nicely.


The new smaller 12v connector had a screw holding it together, so I figured the wires might be screwed in and I might just be able to replace them, however it turns out they’re soldered onto the connections, so I’d have to cut the cord and join it to the new hub device.


I needed to fit an inline fuse as I was not using the original cigarette plug, I don’t have a soldering iron so the connection isn’t the cleanest… but this isn’t exposed so the straight connectors should do the trick. 


Here’s what the back of the device looks like with the inline fuse fitted and taped secure.


And here’s what the bag looks like with the cable passed through a hole at the end.


In the first of the photographs above you’ll note the cables to the small 12v plug are connection with space connectors, I insulate these using a bit of electrical tape and then tape the two together. As mentioned before, I’d have preferred to solder and heat shrink these connections, but I don’t have those resources.


I’m not expecting any awards for this, it’s a little rough around the edges on the inside, however it works and looks okay when on the bike.