Monthly Archives: October 2011

DIY Big Stopper Filter

I've recently seen some amazing photographs that utilise big stopper filters, those of which usually knock the camera down 9 or so stops so scenes fly by whilst subjects remain completely still.

I decided to jump on board and buy myself a Hitech 85mm 9 stop filter, suitable to fit in my Cokin P holder, but after numerous delays I was getting a bit inpatient. Someone on Twitter suggested I make my own using a 77mm Cokin P ring and 4" x 3" replacement welding glass… so for less than £5 I thought I'd give it a go.

I simply superglued the ring to the glass and left it to set, I used a fine file to remove any glue that had gotten onto the inner face of the ring, I don't fancy it sticking to my Tokina 11mm.

The DIY big stopper has a green tint to it, therefore shots will have to be grayscale.

I only took a basic shot at 60 seconds @ ƒ2.8, I had to do a bit of correction the vignetting but all in not a bad start, will be taking this out to get some better shots soon.