Monthly Archives: September 2011

Sensor Cleaning

Of late both of my DSLRs have suffered from dust spots on the sensor, because I do a lot of motorsport photography usually I’m changing lenses wherever I can, therefore dirtying up the sensor.

My D7000 is fairly new, and only has a few dust spots, enough to soil a good photo though. My D50, however, is about 4 years old now and had never been cleaned, if I were to use Lightroom to remove the dust spots I could count literally hundreds of the blighters, only usually visible when shooting low shutter speeds though.

I asked around for advice as I didn’t want to brick both of my cameras. A few people had suggested Arctic Butterfly products, but I figured I’d go straight to the big guns with these Sensor Swabs and Eclipse cleaning solution.

After watching the how to video on YouTube I started with the D50… the guinea pig, if you will. Cleaning both cameras was a piece of cake and I’m pretty pleased with the results. The D50 took two attempts to clear all the crap, but then the first time I was a bit cautious.

So there you have it, Sensor Swabs kick arse. If you go down this route:

  1. Buy the correct sized swabs, there are 3 different sizes
  2. If your sensor has a tin oxide coating do your research, a different cleaning solution might be required
  3. Watch the video on YouTube and read the instructions twice
  4. Make sure your camera is running on a full charge
  5. Drink beer


Bird House

No plans used and no awards for craftsmanship expected, one bored Saturday afternoon and some spare wood slapped together to make a rudimentary bird house.

The actual hole needs work, and the whole things need a bit of a paint, but that's about it.